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Empowering your success: A comprehensive resource hub for VARs, ISVs, and ERP consultants


Dynamics Connections Exclusive ISV Library



At Dynamics Connections, we understand that VARs appreciate a non-sales approach. That's why we have created a gated ISV Library exclusively for our partners. The library features over 110 Microsoft Dynamics and Acumatica ISVs who have participated in our program and have a perpetual listing. This means they are not removed once an ISV is listed in the library. 


With almost to over 5,000 people having accessed the ISV library to date, it's clear that VARs are finding tremendous value in this resource. The library includes an ISV Search Listing, blogs, open positions, and a recording of a webinar that is added every six months. This recording is the same content we deliver in our quarterly one-to-one meetings with VARs, presenting ten ISVs.  


Each ISV gets a section in the library, making it easy for VARs to search and research potential ISV partners.  

Image by Chase Chappell

ISV Talks Video Interviews and Podcasts

Are you an ISV, VAR, or ERP consultant looking to gain exposure and share your expertise? Look no further than ISV Talks, hosted by Dynamics Connections. Our informal interviews provide a platform for you to discuss your products, services, how you help customers, and what sets you apart. 


But it's more than that. This is an opportunity to share your industry insights with like-minded professionals.  


We promote video interviews on our website, YouTube channel, and social media, and podcasts are distributed on the most popular directories to amplify your reach even further. Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your brand and join the conversation.

Educational & Coaching Services

Stay current with the myriad of products and services available for your Microsoft Dynamics and Acumatica customers. Dynamics Connections is here to help VARs, ISVs, and ERP consultants like you stay informed.


We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments and are eager to share our knowledge, insights, and best practices with you. 


Don't miss out on a valuable opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed in your business. Contact Dynamics Connections and take advantage of our educational and coaching services.

Business Meeting
“They (Dynamics Connections) are really organized and make it so easy. I’m really impressed with how knowledgeable they are about the channel, the partners, the people, and then even specifically about (our) Greenshades software… It’s been great to make those connections to new partners but also to make new contacts at existing partners… There’s just a lot of partners out there (and) having that constant reminder, staying top of mind with somebody like Dynamics Connections who is familiar with our products and services and where we’re growing is key. The channel is a tough and crowded place, so working with Dynamics Connections has been a great asset to our business and our partner program.”

- Mandy Haberkamp, Greenshades

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