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About Dynamics Connections

Cut Through the Noise and Make Meaningful Connections

At Dynamics Connections, our mission is to connect SMB VARs with the most relevant Microsoft Dynamics and Acumatica ISVs for their products or services through targeted research and personalized introductions.

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Meet Carol Livingston: A matchmaker and an advisory board all in one

Carol, our CEO, is on a mission to help people in the Dynamics and Acumatica world succeed. Her passion for educating, coaching, and connecting people is unmatched. 


A Microsoft Certified Professional with over 25 years managing accounting, and budgets, as well as business process improvements and ERP consulting.   Carol frequently speaks at conferences and events and hosts the ISV Talks webcast and podcast.

But Carol's value goes beyond her knowledge and experience. She is the go-to person for making meaningful connections and providing valuable advice. She is like a matchmaker, a concierge, and an advisory board for the Dynamics and Acumatica world all in one. 

What distinguishes Carol is her genuine care for others and enthusiasm to connect people within the channel. She offers her services because she wants to help people succeed and does it with passion and dedication. So, if you're looking to connect, access resources, find education about software solutions and learn best practices in the Dynamics and Acumatica world, Carol is the person you need to know.

We Believe in Fairness and Transparency

At Dynamics Connections, we know we need to be fair to earn your trust. That's why we have a framework and proven methodology to ensure that every Microsoft Dynamics and Acumatica ISV has an exclusive category when we present to VARs in one of our six-month programs.


We honor our commitment to provide a level playing field for all participants. We don't allow anyone to cut the line or buy their way in, so you can be confident that your investment in our program will give you the best opportunity to yield real results.


Let us help you achieve your goals with confidence and trust.


Ready to streamline your VAR-ISV connections and expand your business?

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Are You Tired of Searching for the Right VAR or ISV to Get You Where You Need to Go?

Dynamics Connections' approach to matchmaking VARs and ISVs is unrivaled in the industry; our focus on building deep relationships with VARs and ISVs sets us apart. Our servant mindset means prioritizing our customers' success above all else. We work tirelessly to connect the right VAR with the right ISV, providing value at every interaction.


We have done the legwork for you, with 180 VARS actively participating in our program (an average of 3 representatives from each VAR attend our meetings) and over 110 ISVs in our library. 


This means VARs don’t have to manage a myriad of calls and emails from multiple ISVs to research if a solution will work for their customers and their business model. And ISVs don’t need to cold-call to get in the door with a VAR. We are an extension of your team and can free up your time to get more done with warm, detailed introductions.

Personalized Support

Dynamics Connections doesn't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to matching partners with third-party solutions. We take pride in offering personalized support to all our VARs and ISVs, with a "white glove" treatment that prioritizes your unique needs and goals. 


We take the time to get to know your business–from the products and services you provide to the industries you serve. This way, we can make informed, targeted introductions.

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