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Accelerate Your ISV Reach: Connect with a Vast Network of VARs 

As an ISV in the Microsoft Dynamics or Acumatica world, you know how crucial it is to have a reliable network of VARs to sell your solutions. But how do you make new connections with VARs who can help grow your business?

We can help! Dynamics Connections meets individually with an extensive network of VARs, presenting third-party solutions on behalf of ISVs like you.

We provide ISV education services to VAR's helping them get to know ISV's and get introduced to the ISV

We have a proven track record with over 6 years of metrics that show we provide VAR leads through our ISV education and free resources 

We help ISV's get the introductions and contacts that they would not have had otherwise.

When you sign up with Dynamics Connections, we ensure your products or services get the attention they deserve. With us, you get exclusive rights to your category, giving you the best chance to make new connections and grow your business.

As part of our commitment to providing the best service possible, we also offer to record a conversational video interview with you or your key people that can be promoted on LinkedIn. This video can help you get noticed and expand your reach even further.

If you're new to Dynamics Connections, we offer introductory webinars to give you an overview of our program. 

Unlock Tremendous Value 


Over the last six years +, our ISV clients have each received an average of 80 leads that are warm introductions, and 30% of these leads are sales-ready hot leads.

Our program offers tremendous value to Microsoft Dynamics and Acumatica ISVs. Our deep relationships with VARs and understanding of their businesses make it easy for us to effectively communicate the benefits of partnering with each ISV.

ISVs benefit from the following:

Exposure to an extensive network of VARs, both in our one-to-one meetings with VARs and our monthly webinars

Weekly lead sheet with contact info from all VAR meetings

An immediate "hot leads" introduction email

A perpetual listing in our exclusive ISV Library

Optional video interviews, including production and posting on our website and social media

Provide list of registrants whether they attend our events or not.

ISVs regularly tell us how much they value this program for getting new contacts and warm introductions!

Discover the Pot of Gold – 
High-Quality VAR Leads

Are you tired of the constant grind of connecting with VARs?
Does it feel like you're sifting through endless lists and getting nowhere?
It's time for a change. Dynamics Connections is here to help you strike gold.

A VAR typically serves an average of 100-200 clients, and their sales team can act as an extension of your own sales team within their organization.  This creates a powerful multiplier effect, generating leads through interested VARs.  When a VAR brings an opportunity to an ISV, it is a highly qualified lead that is more likely to close successfully. 


At Dynamics Connections, we help ISVs connect with the right partners and generate meaningful leads. Our unique approach relies on deep, trusted VAR relationships. We have a strong network of contacts in the industry, and we're always discovering new, high-quality leads that can help take your business to the next level.

A couple at a business meeting

What we do on your behalf

Our weekly meetings with VARs ensure we constantly discover new, high-quality leads. On average, we meet with seven to eight VARs per week, with one to three people attending each meeting. 


And the best part? We do all the heavy lifting. Our ISV program participants receive weekly emails with ongoing metrics and a lead sheet that outlines the level of interest and all the critical details for the VARs that we met with that week, including the contact's name, the products they carry, and the industries they serve. We even go the extra mile by including feedback and special comments from contacts.

It's all about finding the right fit

We know that quality partner relationships are the key to success. And finding them is just like discovering a pot of gold: it's rare, valuable, and can help you grow. 

We've already invested years building VAR relationships and earning a 

high level of trust. 


So why waste time and resources on ineffective methods when you can partner with Dynamics Connections and let us help you strike gold?

Colleagues at Work

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