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Dynamics Connections Blogs and Press Releases


Dynamics Connections provides free ISV educational services and resources to Value Added Resellers (VARs) and partners to help their businesses grow. Services include coaching, educating, and connecting businesses who can help each other expand in the technology service business. Key components are pre-arranged quarterly ISV educational sessions with 180+ VARs, educating them on third-party companion products and offerings. In the last 5 ½ years, Dynamics Connections has worked with over 100 ISV’s and provided them with over 7,500 leads and introductions to partners. Carol Livingston, President of Dynamics Connections, is in continual contact with partners and ISV’s and frequently interviews them on her webshow, ISV Talks (which may be viewed via Linked-In or YouTube).

Dynamics Connections has decided to expand their offerings into the Acumatica ERP channel. According to Carol Livingston, “Acumatica has acquired the reputation for the being the fastest growing ERP right now, but what really drove our decision to enter this market was the sheer number of conversations with partners and ISV’s that are expanding into this ERP market. We are thrilled to attend Acumatica Summit 2023. The ERP world is constantly changing and moving very quickly so Dynamics Connections educates VARs and partners about new ISVs and well-known ISVs that have changed and added new features or products.” 

Partners, even those who have been in the channel for years, frequently report that they enjoy Carol Livingston’s presentations because they always learn something new as some have described in these VAR testimonials on the Dynamics Connections website. With over 15 years’ experience working in the channel, her understanding of best practices within the partner’s organization on how to work with ISVs allows her to offer an insiders’ perspective of what gets the channel excited in representing ISV solutions.


Dynamics Connections Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

Dynamics Connections recently celebrated a milestone of 5 years in business.  Dynamics Connections provides free services to VARs and Microsoft Dynamics partners to help their businesses grow. Services include coaching, educating, and connecting businesses who can help each other expand in the technology service business. Key components are pre-arranged quarterly educational sessions with over 180 Dynamics Partners and VARs, educating them on companion products and offerings. 

In a recent ISV Talks web show episode, Carol Livingston the owner of Dynamics Connections interviewed Kim Peterson the company’s founder regarding their success over the last 5 years. In this episode of ISV Talks, they discussed the original vision for Dynamics Connections, how Dynamics Connections is continuing to help the Dynamics community, key thoughts in owning a business, advice to young professionals just getting started in the Dynamics space and why ISVs and VARs have found the services invaluable.    


Introducing Dynamics Connections ISV Talks

Announcing a new series of short conversations with ISV's that work in the Microsoft D365 Business Central or MS Dynamics  GP marketplace.  This is a casual interview with each ISV to learn about their products and services, perspective on the marketplace, trends in the industry and the customers journey to the cloud.  And sometimes you learn a little something extra about the ISV too!  


Are You the Nurturing Kind?

I’m always surprised when I talk to partners about how they market to prospects. It’s typically sporadic – not a well-planned or executed. Not sure why – I ask you – do you play a football game without a plan? Same should hold true in communicating with those you want to grow your business within the near future.

On average, it takes 7-9 touches, for a prospect to buy. This can’t possibly be done in person and in today’s world, people are next to impossible to reach via phone (most are working from home). It takes valued content and a plan.


Aspire to be a Better Presenter?

Presenting can be one of the most rewarding activities you can do. It’s important to share your knowledge. It takes courage. It’s also something that you know you need to get to, but you never get around to it… could be you are afraid? 

I’ve found doing webinars is so much easier than standing in front of a group. Preparing is key and for this reason, I’ve documented what I’ve learned over the years. 

If you are a Dynamics partner, I’ve posted the following materials in the Dynamics Connections ISV Library


It can be an overwhelming task when recommending an ISV.


It can be an overwhelming task when recommending an ISV. You have to take these important steps:

1. Understand the client’s pains/needs

2. Understand what ISVs have a solution to help

3. Who do you talk to within the ISV organization?

4. How does the ISV work with you and your clients – what is in it for me?

5. How completely does the solution answer the problem

6. How to position it to your client

7. What to share with your client (fact sheets, recordings, etc.) 

8. How to qualify the client so you can best prepare the publisher in education and qualification.

9. Getting the process going – as each publisher has their own way of doing things.


The ISVs featured have solutions that can help any user on needs even to extremely specific industry requirements. We hope this help you on education you can find in the Dynamics Connections ISV Library (partner only portal). The purpose of the portal is to offer you “stuff” you can’t find on the publisher’s website – tools to help you, allowing you to learn and educate your clients/prospects. Enjoy!


Dynamics Partners: Where Do You Find More Leads?

I hear from partners often that they are trying to find new clients – you have to add at least 10% new clients each year. Statistics show you lose 10% each year – so if you want to continue to grow – you need to move forward in finding NEW!

To help you think about where – I have created a list of potential sources… not in any specific order.


Channel Management is HARD!

Working within the Microsoft channel is a challenge.  We know there is a value in Microsoft, VARs and ISVs working together. Yet, after all of these years, we hear the same song over and over again.

If you ask anyone in the channel, they will likely say the channel does not work well together – there are unknowns and confusion. You also hear the blame game going on where someone went behind the others back to close a deal. Many channel members think short term and not at the full picture. Let’s face it – IT IS HARD!


Ice Breakers! Ideas for Your Next Meeting!

 How do you get strangers comfortable with one another? Ice breakers! It is a great way to cut stress and to get folks talking – it’s also a way to learn. 

While at GPUG, we created a list of ideas – see below – and I thought I’d dust it off and share it with you so you can try it out at your next networking opportunity!

To gain your interest - here's some of the ideas:


How Kim Peterson Does Social Media

Recently I presented to a bunch of "really" smart Dynamics consultants on how I do social media. I shared why, how and resources available for FREE! Thought I should share it with anyone who wants to see what can be done in as little as an hour a month! 


Timely articles helping Dynamics partners in building awareness

 For a time, I used to track how many times I left a voice mail to the times I actually talked to someone. It was around 9 out of 10 dials was a voice mail. Crazy huh?

So, what can you do about it? It’s frustrating and it’s not getting better – we now simply expect to get voice mail – we almost drop the phone when we get a person on the other end. I do miss the days when you could fill up a day with 20 calls and update your clients on what they needed to know. They wanted to talk to you! I guess some of that changed when margin on software became slim and it’s all about being billable!


Dynamics Connections ISV Hand Off Time - November 1st

Dynamics Connections is excited about the next round of ISVs during one-on-one Show & Tell sessions with partners!

Every 6 months I bring on new ISVs, so topics and learning is always changing. It’s time efficient and effective for VARs to hear from someone who’s been in the industry forever!

I share information in the manner that I would want to consume it as partner. I understand how hard it is to find time in learning; but it’s important to take the time for the future of your revenue and client’s challenges.  I cover 10 ISVs in 1 Hour educating


Do You Deserve a Referral?

If you were a client of your organization – would you give your company a referral? It’s in interesting question. 

Today’s business world relies on referrals. Over the years I’ve asked partners in the Dynamic ERP space on how they find clients – the number one answer is referrals. It’s true, partners depend on referrals – it’s a faster and easier sale. 

Not sure if it’s an updated fact – but I heard the statistic years ago: it’s 5 times easier to close business from a referral. I also read a Nielsen report saying 83% of us turn to others they trust for recommendations. That pretty much sums it up! 


You Marketing in the Dynamics Space?

 How is your marketing coming along? Want to network and learn from Dynamics Partner marketing peers?

There is a group of marketing professionals working together in messaging, designing and coming up with content that will help boost Dynamics user satisfaction. That group is called the Channel Marketing Alliance (CMA). Besides finding out who else is your peer; you also can learn!


Idea Swapping – Re-invent to Success!

 Growing companies need to invent themselves to stay ahead of the competition and exceed client’s expectations.  Management also needs an open ear to employees’ ideas to make a difference in client's satisfaction. 

A great way to kick off the year is “idea swapping” internally and with clients and prospects. 

Idea Swapping offers a voice to those who may not be a part of decision making.  This article shares how you gather ideas easily and capitalize on improvements you never thought of in the past. 


Planning Tools - Marketing Calendar

The most important thing when planning is making it repeatable and measurable.  If you can’t do both, question yourself.  It takes discipline and by documenting a plan, even if it’s quarterly, you are ahead of the competition and just lowered your stress level.  After all – you don’t plan a sport without a plan, do you? 

I’m a planner and I’d like to share a tool that I’ve used for many years in planning.  It’s a simple spreadsheet with different tabs.   

  1. Sample plan so you get an idea of how to lay out activities.  I typically do this by media type.  I have one calendar of events, so you can concentrate on what needs to be done this month and the next.  It’s also common for me to look at it for the year – but add the details by quarter.    

  2. To Do List – this is a great tool that alleviates stress on what you need to do in tactics.  You can put as much detail as you feel, then sort it by the week and only worry about that week.  You can also sort it by who is responsible.  I keep all these lists on the plan, as you are finish, then show done.  Because at the end of the day, you usually do the same tactics for the activities.  This way it’s built, and you can update the dates, etc. 

  3.  Click here to get the YouTube recording which outlines how you use it. 

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